1. Below Challenge Result Form has to be used to submit your result to the jury members. Details in this form will not be shared with other contestants. You are requested to submit this form prior June 14th 12.00 hrs Adam time.
  2. Next to this form you are obliged to publish your results as an IDEA prior to June 15th 12.00 hrs. Use "Challenge Results"  as category. This idea is visible to all members of the community and they can all vote your idea up or down.
  3. Next to above we ask you to pitch your idea by means of a recorded video (max 3 minutes) and post it to the VIDEO section using category "Challenge Results". Latest June 17th 12.00 hrs.
  4. You are also allowed to pitch live (at location or live stream) during the Jury's meet up at Monday 27th between 13.00 and 17.00. If yo wish to use this opportunity please tick the appropriate boxes in the Challenge Result From. We will then contact you with more specific details.
  5. Ultimately June 30th at 12.00 hrs we will announce the winners!

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