Most important advantages of DMI


Follow trade news via daily app updates and/or weekly digest mails;


Meet other professionals in mobility and follow their activities;


Collaborate in open or closed community’s;


Take the stage and share you insights with others;


Find interesting events in your disciplkine;


Read the best background articles and blogs in the weekly digest mail and the monthly edition of the DMI News.


Together we give substance to DMI

DMI is an initiative of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management to help mobility professionals collaborate online more easily.

The participants together give substance to DMI: what questions do you have, what knowledge do you bring in and which events do you want to highlight? DMI is the ideal place to share this information with many others who, just like you, work on the mobility challenges of today and tomorrow on a daily basis.

Join us! Participating in DMI is free. There are costs associated with starting your own community.

Working more efficiently (together) on safe, smart and sustainable mobility.

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