• The transport-urbanisation dialectic

    The recent changes in mobility patterns and use of space herald a need for change in public policy. To maintain economic growth and accessibility it is now essential that cities become more compact and inner-city mobility options are improved. This means a complete turnaround of current policy thinking, which is still focused primarily on improving intercity connections.

  • How Electric, Self-Driving Cars and Ride-Hailing Will Transform the Car Industry

    When GM’s very first car, the Chevrolet Classic 6, appeared on Detroit’s streets in 1912, it ran on gasoline. More than a century later, in 2034, the very last GM car that runs on gasoline is scheduled to roll off the assembly line. Starting in 2035, GM intends to make only electric cars, from its least expensive model, the $4,000 Hongguang Mini in China, to the “handcrafted” Cadillac Celestiq at $200,000-plus. The other major car companies, from Ford and Toyota to Volkswagen and Volvo, are heading in the same direction.

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