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Scheidt & Bachmann GmbH
Mönchengladbach, Nordrhein Westfalen Duitsland

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Accomplished and successful sales executive with more than 25 years of experience in the public transit and transportation industry, being part of and driving top-performing sales teams to capture market share and realize substantial revenue increases, possesses a wide range of knowledge and talents that will allow him to contribute toward business success. - Excellent selling skills and persuator - Leadership and managerial abilities - Strong problem-solving orientation - Analytical thinker - Thinks in Solutions, - Excellent networker and relationship builder - Very strong perseverance and stamina - Able to work in a team and independently Having a widespread global network in public transport my expertise lies in successfully developing and implementing effective sales strategies in the complex IT&Software/communications Solutions market space, and negotiating substantial global contracts to accelerate business development and revenue growth. I have managed staff recruitment and team establishment for young engineering and science talents, account management, and untapped market impact and penetration endeavours. Additionally, my success in partnering, client relationship building and management positions me to make a significant impact on an organization.



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