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As consultant in the payments value chain, clients rely on me to identify and enable solutions that create value for their company. I guide with new propositions and product development leading to business growth; I reduce complexity and select the best business case, from product delivery to vendor selection.

I have performed multiple project in the mobilty vertical which is a key area for PaymentGenes Consultancy. 

Example project are:

Marketresearch, Market entry strategy and vendor selection for a German Automotive client. 

Consulting domestic and international closed loop fuel card issuers on the value chain position, hybrid loop solutions (with the card schemes Mastercard and Visa).

Selecting the acquirer for Dutch public transport at TLS

Designing and implementing the first open loop EMV NFC enabled EV fast charging solution with Allego and Shell.



We are leading European recruitment, interim experts and consulting company for the fintech and payments industry and their main clients. 

Access and initiate the top assembly of payments consulting expertise. Different from traditional consultancies, we manage the best consultant fit for every project. Ourselves, our network or in collaboration.

Payments Empowering Seamless Personal Travel

A new ecosystem of personal mobility is emerging. Involving electric vehicle manufacturers, public transportation firms, ride-hailing apps, data providers, and many other organizations, MaaS represents a user-centric transportation management system in which all transport modes, service operators, and infrastructure providers are connected under a single platform.



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