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Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tauvicritter/

DevOps IT4IT 20 years in SOA, data and monitoring:
✔ Solution Architect & Consultant
✔ Designer, Developer, Tester
✔ Troubleshooter

I design and develop solutions ranging from small scale POC to full Enterprise implementations. I know what really matters and have the experience required to support your business. Worked for years on middleware but started to expand my horizon. Getting more value out of data started as a passion and now im working on smart data solutions as a professional.

Currently working on Road safety: https://github.com/Tauvic/DriverAwareness

SmartMonitoring a new approach for monitoring and managing microservices. SmartMonitoring combines realtime streaming data with complex event processing and a business rules engine to provide situational awareness. Combined with a resource optimizer it also saves millions on hardware and license costs. My ambition is to further develop this approach into a generic solution framework. Robotics is my passion, I develop easy to use robots for educationcal purposes and my own pleasure.



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