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About the INDEEP Truck Platooning Game

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INDEEP: the need for more successful implementation of innovations 

There is a needto explore how to improve and accelerate innovation implementation in logistics in the port of Rotterdam. Several innovations in logistics are created every year but very few are successfully implemented and used in the port of Rotterdam. In INDEEP (Innovation Network Design Enables Excellent Ports), an NWO-funded project, we approach innovation as a continuous and evolving process in a complex system – an innovation ecosystem – in which many actors are actively involved and can influence the process. We attempt to identify and analyze the different roles of these actors and also attempt to contribute to actors’ better understanding of their own role, in order to jointly develop the necessary mechanisms to “make the innovations happen”. 

Simulation games: helping collaboration and adaptation and raising awareness  

Simulation games are increasingly gaining momentum as a way to support learning process while at the same time creating a deeply engaging environment for collaboration among different stakeholders. The application of a gamified tool has the potential to improve the quality of the ideas developed to address innovation challenges. Simulation games are used as a promising tool to raise awareness regarding shared resources in the field of supply chain management. Moreover, they are considered very efficient in providing useful insights into the impact of collaborative applications, which make use of ICT or ITS technology in the freight and logistics sector. Simulation games are also used as boundary objects (intermediaries) in order to help in the adaptation to future situations that are associated with a high level of uncertainty, as in the case of climate change for instance.

Fig. 1. The Truck Platooning concept, as visualized for the Synchrogaming project (Source:

The Truck Platooning Community gets an insight into the innovation process 

The Truck Platooning community will participate in a simulation game which can be used as an instrument to interpret the dynamics and shed light on different aspects of the innovation processes within the Truck-platooning innovation ecosystem. The game will being able to be played by all categories of stakeholders related to Truck Platooning.External factors such as costs, politics, policies, technology, barriers that hinder the innovation adoption etc. will be included in the game in a controlled way. The game makes use of different cards and is played around tables with a limited number of stakeholders on each table, guided by members of the TU Delft game-lab (see Fig 2).


 Fig. 2. Examples of game – playing (Source: TU Delft Game Lab archive)

The game acts as a trigger for involvement 

We aim at creating a game that could act as a trigger to make the multiple actors involved in the development of the Truck Platooning concept aware of the existing challenges, as well as of the critical role that they can play in the innovation process. Based on the innovation ecosystem concept, the game will focus on the dilemma between competition and consensus of actors, in the search of finding a balanced trade-off that could lead to an optimum result, regarding factors such as the implementation time and the quality of innovation.

Fig. 3. The Truck Platooning Challenge (Source:

More info: For more information about the game, or do you want to participate? Please contact Marouschka Booy, or phone 0031 6 20 44 17 08. or send her a direct message  Marouschka Booij 


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