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dec 10

The Future of Transportation World Conference (Oostenrijk)

10-dec-19 09:00 11-dec-19 12:00 (W. Europe Standard Time)
Messe Wien Exhibition & Congress Center, Wenen

The Future of Transportation is a world-leading conference on the subject of ‘What Next?’. Our primary theme this year is ‘Do or Die’. That may sound a bit extreme but we either tolerate change and disruption now or face a total crisis in 10-20 years’ time. Cities are already gridlocked; inter-urban motorways and autobahns have miles of queuing trucks and cars; air quality in many cities is already at crisis point. In some instances, the latter in particular, solutions are starting to be realized. However, the broader issues of gridlock and undercapacity in transportation networks are a long way from being remedied. That’s what this conference is about.


The FoT conference has a MaaS stream programmed with 2 full days of presentations and lectures. Eric Mink, Programmamanager MaaS, will present the Dutch MaaS ecosytem and the impact on policy on 11-12-2019 from 16:00.

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