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sep 29

Urban Mobility Days 2020 - Zero-emission mobility for all

29-sep-20 03-okt-20 (Hele dag, W. Europe Daylight Time)

The European Commission is premiering its Urban Mobility Days conference that brings together the CIVITAS and Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning (ELTIS) initiatives. It is the first joint annual event of these urban mobility planning and urban innovation communities that, until now, have been organising their annual fora separately. The new format has an ambition not only to bring these two families together but also to become a flagship Commission conference gathering all urban mobility communities and stakeholders.

The theme of the conference is "Zero Emission Mobility for All", a title which is in line with the objectives of the European Green Deal and the theme of European Mobility Week taking place a week before. Considering the extraordinary global health situation, the conference will take place online and topics of the conference and plenary sessions will reflect key aspects related to planning and innovation of urban mobility in times of crisis.

The programme and registration are available here.

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