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Ursa Major neo Connected Truck Trials

Ursa Major neo Connected Truck Trials

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G.R. Janssen MSc

Verbonden aan

TNO Den Haag, Mobiliteit en Logistiek, Sustainable Transport & Logistics


14/01/2019 tot 31/12/2020

This Ursa Major neo Connected Truck Trials project is being carried out by TNO (coordinator) with 7 logistics parties: De Rijke Transport, DHL Global Forwarding, Getru Companies, GVT Group of Logistics, Overbeek Int. Transport, Starmans Transporten, and Van der Slot Transport. With support from DAF Trucks, Rijkswaterstaat (the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management), RDW and the Port of Rotterdam. 

Ursa Major neo Connected Truck Trials (UMneo) will be the first real real-life truck platooning trial on Dutch roads, with real cargo on board, embedded in the logistic operations of transport operators working in container and floriculture logistics. Our ambition is to test a number of months with approximately 10 ACC and C-ACC-capable trucks - equipped with sensory and data collection equipment - on public Dutch roads. This data will be used in statistical and scientific analyzes to make statements about (1) fuel consumption and CO2 reduction, (2) the impact on the strain and dynamic driving task of professional truck drivers, (3) and insight into the logistical business case of truck platooning. In particular, the emphasis will be on the role of drivers in platooning trucks and the logistics business case and fuel savings. We are bridging many scientific domains in our approach, combining psychology, traffic analysis and civil engineering, business administration and logistics management and operations research. This is a major step towards unlocking a strong business and social business case of highly-scaled up truck platooning. 

This is a cross-over with Topsector High Tech Systems and Materials 

Connection to roadmaps Top Sector Logistics: Synchromodality, Cross Chain Control Centers, Human Capital Agenda 

Organization responsible for application: TNO



  • E van Kempen(2019): Communicatieplan

Source: NWO

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