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Introductie PhD student: Viral Gosar | CATALYST Living Lab | DMI

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Introductie PhD student: Viral Gosar

Introductie PhD student: Viral Gosar

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Viral Gosar is a PhD candidate at the Eindhoven University of Technology for CATALYST, he started there this June. He holds a bachelor in Mechanical Engineering in India and a dual master degree in Automotive Engineering from Czech Technical University and Automotive Systems from HAN University of Applied Science. After developing a vehicle simulation model for validation purpose autonomous driving and his interest in doing sustained research, this PhD indeed was a desirable step.

In CATALYST, Viral will be focusing on autonomous driving of articulated commercial vehicles in the distribution centres. The motive is to develop a distributed control strategy which can handle multiple articulated vehicles operating at the same time in a distribution centre while avoiding obstacles, maintaining docking accuracy and vehicle’s dynamic stability.

Viral on Distribution Centres in CATALYST: “ Innovations in connected and autonomous transport are rapidly developing and the business in the logistic industry can take competitive advantage of this innovation. By implementing autonomous driving of commercial vehicles in a confined environment, e.g. a distribution centre, handling of goods can be made more effective and efficient. Also, the drivers that arrive at the distribution centre after a long and exhausting journey could take rest instead of docking their trucks at the docking gates. Furthermore, in the context of an integrated transport system, implementing autonomous driving at distribution centres is a model endeavour towards sustainable freight transport.”




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