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Introduction PhD student: Ebrahim Mohammadi

Introduction PhD student: Ebrahim Mohammadi

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Ebrahim Mohammadi is a PhD candidate at The Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University under the supervision of Prof. Rob Zuidwijk and Dr. Marie Schmidt. He has started his full-time PhD from August 2020. He holds a bachelor and a master`s degree in industrial engineering from the Iran University of Science and Technology. His Master`s thesis was about mathematical modeling of a closed-loop supply chain under certain conditions.

In the CATALYST project, he will be focusing on the modeling (primarily mathematical) of potential emerging logistic planning problems while considering the introduction of CAT into logistic systems, and also answering to the question that what is the impact of different levels of automation on the specified logistic planning problem.

Ebrahim`s opinion on his PhD and CATALYST project: “Scientific research has always inspired me, and as a kid I imagined myself as a scholar in future, and here I am, doing my PhD at RSM, one of the top management schools in the world. I am particularly interested in mathematical modeling of industrial/managerial problems. Also I have keen interest in coding & computer programing. I see my participation in CATALYST as a unique chance to chase my interests. And also, I am looking forward to learning and making use of the knowledge and valuable experience in the various parts of CATALYST project "

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