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jan 1

Connected road users need connected road networks

01-jan-20 14:00 15:30 (W. Europe Standard Time)
Online (doorlopend te volgen)
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The transition phase from human driven to self-driving vehicles requires various interventions on the physical and digital road network to allow it to cope with mixed traffic. Connected road networks help secure and connect intelligent transportation systems, allowing vehicles, roadways, travellers, and traffic management centres to communicate with one another real-time resulting in a smoother flow of traffic, reducing congestion and improving our road safety.

This webinar is all about coping with mixed traffic and using smart technology to connect infrastructure, vehicles and road users. Our moderator Paul Hutton will talk to Shayan Afshar of Navtech Radar, Martin Böhm of Austriatech and Paul Potters of Monotch.

Leervorm: Webinar
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