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mrt 29

Urban Planning: Moving the city (seminar)

Verdiepende minor
29-mrt-24 01-jun-24 (Hele dag, W. Europe Standard Time)
Herhaal schema: Jaarlijks op 29-mrt
Begindatum: 28-mrt-21
University of Amsterdam - College of Social Sciences
Korte inhoud en/of leerdoelen:

This seminar is meant as an opportunity for students to independently go deeper into and beyond the topics introduced in 'Moving the City' . Within the framework of the land use-transport feedback cycle the students independently choose a topic which they would like to investigate. Possible topics include: sustainable mobility in the urban context, the impact of technological innovations, household perspective of mobility, time-space geography, inequality in accessibility, and others. The students may introduce other relevant topics if wish so. The students will collect relevant reading materials (academic articles, policy reports, media reports) and integrate the various sources into a coherent academic argument in the form of a short essay. Ideally, the essay will confront a theoretical argument with insights from recent developments or observed behaviour of actors, and critically assess (part of) current discourse.


In this seminar the students will be able to:

  • critically examine a specific transport related challenge, of both policy and societal relevance
  • independently develop a literature list relevant to their chosen topic
  • compose a concise academic text that contrasts insights of recent academic publications, policy documents and the implications for different actors
  • review the work of fellow students and provide critical feedback
Leervorm: Voltijd, seminar als onderdeel van Urban planning: Moving the city
Contactpersoon: Dr. O. Rubin (co-ordinator)
Media (video/foto):

Seminar is onderdeel van UvA course Urban planning: Moving the City.




Wie moet deelnemen

Registration is only possible for SGPL students in combination with Urban planning: Moving the city.



020-525 3777



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