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feb 1

Urban Planning: Moving the city (Open UvA course)

Verdiepende minor
01-feb-25 01-jun-25 (Hele dag, W. Europe Standard Time)
Herhaal schema: Jaarlijks op 01-feb
Begindatum: 31-jan-21
University of Amsterdam - College of Social Sciences
Korte inhoud en/of leerdoelen:

Mobility forms a core challenge for contemporary society. Urban regions throughout the world — especially rapidly growing ones — are faced with the difficulty of finding a new balance between the positive and negative effects of mobile humans and goods. Moving the City explains how current mobility problems have been caused and explores ways towards solutions.

This module prepares the participant to develop a constructive-critical stance that supports this ongoing search. To this end, the course develops a holistic view on the fundamental interrelations that underlie urban development, individual mobility behaviour and mobility systems. In developing this view, the participant comes to terms with the irreducible complexity and uncertainty that surrounds these domains and their interrelations. Next to conceptual enrichment, the module also focuses on key skills in relation to planning products that influence how we are 'Moving the City'.

In this course, the participants will:

  • explore the key role that mobility plays in the myriad of challenges faced by our cities and societies
  • Understand the fundamental relations between mobility systems, mobility behaviour and urban development processes
  • Learn to see the positive contributions and potentially perverse effects of mobility innovations
  • Apply key principles to challenge the land use and mobility system of cities and region
  • Understand the mechanisms of transition (transofrmative change) and re-languaging

As a means of attaining these objectives, the participants will:

  • work with typical products of (Dutch and international) planning processes (e.g. mobility and accessibility analyses, masterplans, innovations), and develop a constructive-critical stance towards them.
  • meet and work with practitioners in the domain of mobility and urban development.
  • work in groups and individually to process these lessons into written products and oral presentations.
Leervorm: Voltijd bachelor

Prof. dr. ir. L. Bertolini

Prof. dr. M.C.G. te Brommelstroet (co-ordinator)

Media (video/foto):

Urban planning: Moving the City is onderdeel van de Minor Urban and Regional Planning:




Wie moet deelnemen

As entrance requirement, we expect that the participant has fulfilled a first year bachelor in the social sciences.



020-525 3777



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