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okt 26

Rethinking Urban Transportation Planning (Open UvA course)

Verdiepende minor
26-okt-22 19-dec-22 (Hele dag, W. Europe Daylight Time)
Herhaal schema: Jaarlijks op 25-okt
Begindatum: 25-okt-20
University of Amsterdam - Graduate School of Social Sciences
Korte inhoud en/of leerdoelen:

Purposeful, transformative change in urban mobility is urgent, but resistance to change seems invincible and uncertainty about the future irreducible. Different academic disciplines and professional practices are looking for an answer, but none can claim to have found it. The course captures this multidisciplinary, contested, emergent character of the field by both critically and constructively engaging with the four main building blocks of an urban transportation planning process:

  • Problem identification: coping with the dilemmas of urban mobility; contrasting paradigms in transportation research and planning; problem identification as a political choice.
  • System analysis: the four-step model as a mainstream method to develop a rudimentary understanding of the urban mobility system; major criticisms and potential solutions; how to challenge the choices that underlie models and co-create alternatives.
  • Strategy development: how to overcome barriers and realize opportunities for transformative change in the urban mobility system, transition management as one emerging, but also controversial approach.
  • Strategy assessment: different methods of evaluation; Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) as the mainstream method; barriers and frustrations that surround this method in planning practice; participatory budgeting as a possible direction to overcome these problems.

The objective of this course is to give students the academic skills to understand and challenge key aspects of the planning of mobility in cities. These skills are based on mapping mainstream concepts of urban transportation planning, critically reflecting on them, and exploring potential innovative ones. These steps are positioned within the context of governance issues characterizing decision making processes around urban mobility.

At the end of the course students:

  • have theoretical and applied knowledge of theories and methods underlying the main themes/phases of urban transportation planning
  • are able to reflect critically on this knowledge, and to propose innovative approaches based on the reflection
Leervorm: Master voltijd

Prof. dr. ir. L. Bertolini

Prof. dr. M.C.G. te Brommelstroet

Media (video/foto):

This course is part of the Master's Urban and Regional Planning: 




Wie moet deelnemen

Student must be enrolled in the MSc Urban & Regional Planning. The course is also open for others, provided they have a sufficient academic background and capacity allows it: please contact the study advisor.



020-525 3777



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