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nov 17

Conference: Autonomous Vehicles and Public Transport in Europe

17-nov-21 09:30 18-nov-21 16:30 (W. Europe Standard Time)
Hotel Sofitel Legend The Grand, Amsterdam (2 days)
Korte inhoud en/of leerdoelen:

Autonomous vehicles (AVs) in public transport are in the spotlight with the launch of the European Commission’s (EC) ‘Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy’ in December 2020. The strategy has set the target to deploy automated mobility on a large scale in the region by 2030. 

To discuss the potential, opportunities, and challenges, Global Mass Transit is organizing its Third Annual Conference on Autonomous Vehicles and Public Transport in Europe on November 17-18, 2021, at Hotel Sofitel Legend The Grand  Amsterdam in The Netherlands.


The mission of the conference is to discuss the policy and regulatory framework in Europe, progress under EU-funded projects, best practices to integrate AVs and public transport, noteworthy case studies, pilot projects and trials, potential use cases of AVs in public transport, strategies for the deployment of AVs to support transit operations, the infrastructure required to deploy AVs, and funding and procurement strategies. The conference will also showcase new and existing technologies for AVs. Examples will be provided for large, medium, and small transit agencies.

The conference will bring together experts from government agencies, public transport authorities, vehicle technology suppliers, R&D institutes, academic institutions and private companies to address issues in policy, planning, funding, technology, market development, testing, and the deployment of AVs.

The conference will have 14 targeted sessions, panel discussions and case studies, with participation from a wide range of international experts, who will provide valuable insights and actionable advice. The agenda will cover the experience so far and plans of cities/transport authorities/operators for deploying AVs in Europe. It will also highlight the latest technological developments and solutions to improve the customer experience.

The conference will, moreover, help understand the role governments, transit authorities, operators, manufacturers, and consultants can play in deploying AVs in an urban, suburban, or rural area. Besides, it will provide insights into the offerings of leading AV technology providers. 


Day 1: November 17, 2021

Session 1: Impact of COVID on AVs in Public Transport

  • Short-term and long-term impact of the pandemic
  • Redefined commute and new mobility paradigms
  • Use of AVs in recovery strategies and innovation

Session 2: Key Emerging Trends and Outlook

  • AVs in public transport and the future of mobility
  • Key emerging trends 
  • Snapshot of policy and regulatory initiatives in Europe
  • Market outlook and opportunities
  • Risks and challenges impacting future growth

Session 3: European Commission’s Perspective

  • Goals and targets under the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy, 2030
  • EU’s AV communication and guidelines
  • EC’s planned timeline for AVs: opportunities and challenges
  • EU vehicle approval framework
  • Progress on EU projects: FABULOS, AVENUE, SHOW

Session 4: Public Transport Authority/Operator Perspective: A Panel Discussion

  • Role of transport authorities/operators in the connected autonomous mobility future
  • Experience so far, challenges, lessons learnt
  • Funding and procurement strategies
  • Integrating automated and human-driven vehicles into a larger public transport system
  • Future plans and opportunities


Lunch and Networking


Session 5: Aligning AVs in Public Transport

  • Experience so far and lessons learnt
  • Planning and designing new autonomous and driverless mobility services and integrating them into public transit networks
  • Accessibility and equity of a transit AV
  • Consumer acceptance - affordability, comfort, privacy and safety
  • Key issues transit agencies face with AV arrival

Session 6: Data Management and Protection

  • Data generation capabilities of autonomous vehicles
  • Data ownership, protection, privacy and sharing
  • Data integration platforms
  • Leveraging data analytics for insights
  • EU-wide cybersecurity infrastructure and processes

Session 7: Infrastructure for AVs

  • Physical and digital infrastructure to integrate automation and connectivity
  • Vehicle-to-Vehicle, Vehicle-to-Infrastructure, Vehicle-to-Everything technologies 
  • HD maps for autonomous driving
  • Role of cloud computing in AVs
  • Leveraging existing transit assets 

Session 8: AV Use Cases in Transit

  • Key case studies, pilot projects and best practices
  • Lessons learned
  • Future plans

Close of Day 1


Day 2: November 18, 2021

Session 9: AVs and Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS)

  • AV-enabled transit in smart cities
  • AVs driving the deployment of MaaS
  • Platforms and technologies
  • Market outlook, benefits and challenges

Session 10: AVs and Mobility-on-Demand

  • AVs for first- and last-mile connectivity, autonomous shuttles and robo-taxis
  • Software and hardware requirements to enable AMoD
  • Integration with current transport offerings, role of transport authorities/operators
  • Case studies

Session 11: AVs and Public Transport in Rural Areas

  • Role of AVs in public transport in rural areas
  • Technologies, digital and other infrastructure requirements in rural areas
  • Economics of AVs in rural areas
  • Safety and AVs in the rural environment

Session 12: Role of Private AV Operators in Mass Transit: A Panel Discussion

  • Operations and maintenance of AV fleets
  • Integrating with public transport authorities
  • Cloud-based tools for mixed fleet management
  • Fully managed AV service

Session 13: Achieving Integration of Public and Private Players: A Panel Discussion

  • Building lasting partnerships 
  • Issues faced by players during structure planning
  • Legal and regulatory challenges
  • Data ownership and sharing
  • Who holds the decision-making power?

Session 14: Valedictory Session

  • Key takeaways
  • Outlook for 2022 and 2023
  • Key pending issues and challenges
  • Delegate viewpoint


Lunch and Networking


Close of Day 2

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