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Together with 12 partners we have signed a NDW framework agreement

Together with 12 partners we have signed a NDW framework agreement

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The National Data Portal for Road Traffic (NDW) will use the contract to supply traffic data and insights from vehicles and mobile apps, among other things. In addition, the consortium will be given the opportunity to offer complete services based on that traffic data. The data supply and services relate to new methods for traffic management, asset management, traffic safety analyses and evaluations. The use of Floating Car Data, Probe Vehicle Data and crowdsourced data is central to applying data science and advanced analytics. The combination of data from different vendors allows for insights that were not possible until recently. 

The NDW is an international leader in the development of an open ecosystem for mobility and infrastructure. By providing services to NDW, Royal HaskoningDHV expects to have a springboard to strengthen its international business. The estimated value of the framework agreement is EUR 5 million on an annual basis for a duration of 2 to 4 years.

Partners for mobility of the future 

The consortium consists of the following partners: Geo Mobility, GeoJunxion, Klimator, Localyse, Mezuro, Plan B Company, Road Cloud, Route42, Tactile Mobility, TripService, V-Tron and Yunex Traffic. ANWB supports the consortium's road safety goals. Other parties have now expressed interest in joining as well.

Arjan Honingh, Program Lead at Royal Haskoning DHV is the initiator of this consortium and is convinced that combining new technologies and data sources will contribute to the mobility transition in the Netherlands. "I am delighted that we have succeeded in putting the collective interests of road authorities ahead of the individual interests of the consortium partners. Otherwise we would not have been able to make such a big step towards an ecosystem. We invite other partners to join us on this journey."

According to Wouter Giesen, Sales Manager at TripsService, this consortium represents the most data of road users to date, both pedestrians, cyclists and motorized transport. "With the knowledge of Royal HaskoningDHV we will innovate even faster."

Jelle Draijer, Business Developer at Localyse emphasizes that this consortium holds the key to shaping the opportunities and challenges around sustainable mobility. Integrating the partners' software is a necessary step to make this possible. "We are pleased that Royal HaskoningDHV has taken this initiative." 

Source: Royal Haskoning DHV

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