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Public Sonar: Public Safety & Security

Public Sonar: Public Safety & Security

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Number of the tool: 151
Description part 1
Name Public Sonar: Public safety & security
Developer and country Public Sonar, the Netherlands
Development year 2012

Will it be further developed? If not, date of final version

Yes, constantly in development
Description part 2

Short description about the tool -   what it can do / what problem it solves (max 200 words)

A safe living environment requires continuous awareness of what is going on and timely detection of disruptions. 

It has been demonstrated that people tend to share remarkable events instantly on social media. Whether it’s unrestnuisance or other incidentsunsafe situations are often visible online even before they are known in an incident or control room. It is precisely this continuous source of up-to-date information that is invaluable for public safety. 

By detecting the first signs of disturbances in public order and safety, as a public authority you can gain direct insight into what is taking place and what is happening. In this way, you can act with knowledge and prevent escalation. 

Instrument can be deployed by the government Yes
Instrument can be deployed by private parties Yes
Instrument can be deployed by individuals No
What is the businessmodel of the developer  Data analyses
Wat is het revenue model of the  tool X
In which countries is the tool already being used? Netherlands
Does the tool have multi-language support? If yes, which languages?

Dutch and English


On what scale can the tool be deployed? (scale: neighborhood, city, province, country, world)


Which market does the tool target? (Netherlands, Europe, World)


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