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How to use this Community? | TransportLAB Hackathon 2016 | Dutch Mobility Innovations

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TransportLAB Hackathon 2016

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How to use this Community?

How To Use This Community?

This Hackathon Community can be used in various ways. All functionality as on your left.

Blogs & Articles

We encourage you all to post blogs and articles on any subject you would like. Post, Share, Comment and Rate!

Photos & Video's

Take pictures of your team, make a video of your workplace or demo and post it. Share it with others to show how you work and develop.


Want your own workspace to share content and files just with your team? We will create your teams sub-community. You can decide when you are ready to share it with all. Contact us.


You will be asked to present your outcome in the idea module. The Jury will use this to determine the value of your output. But also all other community members can vote for the best RESULT to float to the top!


In the WIKI area you will find all kind of usefull information on available data sets, API, etc. Please feel free to add you own wiki pages.


Any hackathon related question or suggestion can be posted in cases . This will end up at the special Hackathon Support desk. We will answer any case within 2 hours, ultimately 10 hours during night time.


Data can be accessed at various ways. Public data can be found in our datashop. Traffic data and other live or historic data can be accessed via the Simacan API's. Just use the request form. Some data is only available after signing an NDA


All challenges can be viewed here. You can also see what data is available to be used. You are free to pick and choose your challenge, even more then one, if you like! But remember 14 days is just 14 days.

More detailed information on the challenges will be published, ultimately,June 1st in the forum part of this community.

App Shop

Think of creating an app but not sure of this already exists in the market? Then check out our app shop. it contains over 500 apps related to transport, logistics and mobility.

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