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Swedish start-up Uniti aims to promote mobility as a service in mega cities | 1. Partnership Talking Traffic | Dutch Mobility Innovations

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Swedish start-up Uniti aims to promote mobility as a service in mega cities

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Do you remember the One, the cute little electric car concept showcased by Swedish company Uniti at the Auto Expo earlier this year? While nothing much has been heard from Uniti, or its local partners, about its India plans, in the UK the company is taking the ‘next step’ in sustainable EV production to promote mobility-as-a-service in mega cities. The young Swedish company is leading in the development of a solution that could see over a million cars disappear from UK roads and cities over the next five years by utilising new ownership and sharing schemes.

The UK has 31 million cars on its roads. The average car emits 6 tonnes of carbon dioxide per annum, and that translates to 186,000,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year. Lewis Horne, Uniti CEO, said, “The warning signs have been around for decades, and the political world is making top-down decisions to curb their emissions. The reality is, by the time it’s filtered down through policy-makers and into the commercial world to ‘go green’, it will be too late. Uniti is ensuring its carbon footprint from cradle-to-grave is as minimal as possible and using cutting-edge technologies, recycled materials and having a clear pathway for materials’ reuse, second life and disposal. Our vehicles will be hugely advanced in the automotive field for their sustainability and eco-credentials.”

Sally Povolotsky, Uniti’s vehicle development director, noted: “Many car companies are paying lip service to the consumer drive for EVs, using the same old methods and carbon-heavy sourcing, factories and logistic solutions to deliver their vehicle ranges. Uniti is creating a simple platform architecture, allowing the principle of digital twinning and maintaining cloud-based data through Siemens platforms in order to produce and replicate the vehicles anywhere in the world. This allows the company to make only the number of cars needed in each geography, providing new revenue and economical streams, as well as skills and jobs.”

A project born at Lund University in Sweden, Uniti aims to meet the challenges of global mobility by producing safe, clean and affordable vehicles that balance the environmental and sustainability needs of society with mass market desires for progressive design and a premium experience. Its 100% electric vehicle is called the Uniti One.

Source: financialexpress

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