How does the platform work?

I am new on DMI. How does it work?

Welcome to DMI, the online collaboration platform for mobility professionals in the Netherlands. Here you will find usefull information for a quick start on DMI.  

Choosing community's.

Once you've set up everything properly on the platform, you can select which communities you want to join. Some communities are private, because they are collaborating on a project for example. You can join the public communities with topics of your interest. 

I want to start a community. What's next?

Are you looking for a way to collaborate more efficiently within your project or program? Then you can consider starting a community on DMI.

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How can I contribute?

Rules within the communities of DMI.

You can make free use of the platform and the associated facilities as a mobility professional. But participating on DMI comes with some strings attached. We ask something in return. After all, you create a community together with all users. Read more about the rules Een community maak je immers met alle gebruikers samen. You can find more information about the rules here. 

Writing an article or a blog: 9 tips for a convincing story. 

Most of us write texts on a daily basis, from emails to plicy proposals. But writing a blog or article is another line of work. 9 tips on preparing, writing and publishing your text. 

Writing style on DMI.

There are some guidelines we work with. We communicate as personal as possible, preferably in Dutch, with an active and concrete writing style. 

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Frequently asked questions 

I want to post a podcast. Is that possible?

Sure you can. Contact DMI support. They will make you a podcast template.

How do I create an article?

Creating an article is done in no time. We have lined up al steps for you.

How do I get my article or event on the homepage?

Do you have an article or event that needs extra attention? Then tick the box 'featured'. Do you think your article deserves a place on the homepage? Let us know! We can highlight your article.

How can I create an event?

There are of course lots of interesting events that you would like to share with other users. Besides the date, place and time, you can also add a description or images, invite people and tag the event. 

Placing something on the timeline.

Timeline-updates are a simple and effective way to communicate with people and groups. You can alert someone, place links or video's, use #hashtags to categorize and 'like' contributions from colleagues.
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Are you stuck?

Contact via contactform 
Use the contactform for simple questions about functions.

Contact via video chat 
Use the video chat to get answers on more complex questions. You can talk 1-1 with our support team, share screen or use the whiteboard for files and screenprints. You can book your appointment online.

Creacte an online issue for supportteam
If you cant find what you are looking for, just create an issue, describe your problem, add files and click send. We will reply within 2-6 hours.

Contact via chat 
Use the chat to get answers of other community members or direct a question to a person you know.