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Why micromobility is here to stay

Why micromobility is here to stay

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A new McKinsey survey suggests that consumers are open to micromobility solutions, but uptake will vary by country.

If you could ride a bicycle, moped, or e-kickscooter to work, would you do so? Respondents in the Mobility Ownership Consumer Survey, conducted by the McKinsey Center for Future Mobility in July 2021, were enthusiastic about these options, with almost 70 percent stating that they were willing to use micromobility vehicles for their commute (exhibit).1 (Bicycles and mopeds could be traditional or electric.) These findings suggest that a growing number of workers may gravitate toward smaller, more environmentally friendly forms of transport as pandemic restrictions lift and offices reopen. They are in line with our previous research in 2020, which suggested that micromobility was poised to make a strong comeback when the COVID-19 pandemic abated and people began traveling more.

See attachment for full report.

Source: McKinsey

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