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Roadmap Automotive 2018-2025

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Gepubliceerd: 08-mrt-18 09:00 door Paul Swaak

This roadmap concerns R&D in the Netherlands in the area of smart & green mobility and is an update of the roadmap of June 2015. Strong cooperation between industry, knowledge institutes and government in the automotive field as well as cooperation with relevant other roadmaps inside and outside the HTSM-cluster is vital for success. Institutional programs will remain very important for enabling evolutionary as well as disruptive technologies to:

  • Increase the quality of life, lower carbon footprint and a safe society;
  • Maintain and increase very high standards in quality and output of the Dutch Automotive sector;
  • Enlarge innovation power and competitiveness of Dutch businesses and, therefore, strengthen our international position; innovation strategy and internationalization policy go hand in hand.

The most relevant challenges that industry are facing in the years to come, and what is expected in terms of investments for the future are treated. This roadmap has been drawn up in close cooperation with a group of stakeholders from both Industry and science in the Netherlands. The main purpose of this roadmap is to serve as a vision document. The document is not intended to be fully complete in all details.

Read the whole report here:


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