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Join our roundtable on Sustainability, Payments and Mobility | Dutch Mobility Innovations

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Join our roundtable on Sustainability, Payments and Mobility

Join our roundtable on Sustainability, Payments and Mobility

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Signup to be the first to see it, coming Wednesday the 17th of November! 

A deep dive into Sustainability, Mobility, and Payments:

❌ The biggest challenges MaaS providers need to overcome
🌱 Combining sustainable solutions with business growth
🛵 The latest developments in mobility payments

📆 Date and time: Wednesday 17th of November, 4.30PM - 6.00PM CET

If you are interested in enhancing your business with a sustainable Mobility as a service solution..

Or want to learn about the latest in this rapidly evolving topic, sign up.


During this roundtable discussion, Rita Okcuoglu, Head of Europe at MasterCard City Possible, dives deep into Corporate Social Responsibility and the technological engagement, the digitalization journey in urban mobility, and the biggest regulation related challenges in deploying full-scale MaaS solutions.


Eric Aufricht, Head of Product Ecosystem & Corporate Development at Daimler Mobility /Mercedes pay is focused on discussing In-car Payments and its eco system, moving from fuel-run vehicles to electric-powered modes of transport, and the role of technology in mobility flow. Additionally, he touches on the role collaboration plays within the mobility and in-car payments sectors.


Monika Liikamaa Co-Founder and CEO of payment service provider Enfuce, talks about issues surrounding the topic of social responsibility, elements of behavioral change, sustainable growth, and the latest developments in carbon footprints calculators.


John Kolthof, Chief Commercial Officer at CCV, talks in depth about the multitude of MaaS transitions initiatives across Europe, the fragmentation of the public transport sector, and how to transition to sustainable, more digital payments. He also touches on the social responsibility companies carry while deploying new technologies.


Bas Zwart, Sales Manager Benelux at Tranzer is dedicated to discuss the biggest opportunities MaaS presents, the challenges in the market due to the number of players and moving parts, and how collaboration between these different players can help navigate the challenges. He additionally discusses the growing consumer demand for sustainable solutions.

Source: Paymentgenes

Opmerkingen (2)


Hoi Ward,

Leuk dat je een evenement hebt geplaatst! Heb even de tekst wat aangepast (linkjes etc.) en een foto bijgevoegd. Wanneer je iets plaatst op DMI, is het altijd leuk om een foto erbij te plaatsen, dan ziet het er wat beter uit. ;-) Je kunt dit evenement trouwens ook in de agenda zetten (

Hartelijke groeten, Caroline

16-nov-21 11:12
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Dank je Caroline, je kunt deze roundtable opname ook terugkijken na registratie via bovenstaande link. 



22-nov-21 13:14
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