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The Safe Driver Coaching System

The Safe Driver Coaching System

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Strangely enough dangerous driving such as speeding and hard breaking is NOT the main cause of accidents. Of all car accidents 94 percent are caused by driver error and 57 percent by distracted driving. The idea is monitor and improve driving style to reduce injuries and damages.

The driver coach system will check for all safety aspects (360 degrees 3D aspects):

What's new in this approach is the idea of providing each driver with an AI based personal driving coach. The driving coach combines the knowledge of a group of expert driving coaches, assesses your driving and provides valuable feedback to make driving safer. As far as i know there is currently no system that monitors the driver while executing vehicle maneuvers.


The objective is to make driving safer by developing an affordable personal driving coach. Therefore I open sourced this plan and its code and hope others including companies and organisations will step in and adopt it.



  • Get more people involved in the project (developers, safety experts, evangelists, test dummies)
  • Verify that the idea is sound and can result in an affordable and fully functioning solution
  • Develop a working demonstration to show its capabilities
  • Develop software components and building blocks (software libraries, hardware design, system configurations)
  • Open source the idea, plans, methods and software libraries
  • Broadcast the idea, get organisations involved
  • Deliver a device that can do the job and is afforable for everyone

There is a path from idea to a working solution that has to be discovered. This requirers significant effort and expertise. I hope people will step in to join. Organisations can join to and decide to contribute to he project or step out at some time and continue on their own. All for the greater good of mankind and ethernal glory.

You can find the plan in the project wiki a link to the presentation , ongoing activities in project. Any help is welcome.

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