Dutch Mobility Innovations

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The Netherlands - leading the way in mobility innovations

Small, but densely populated. An economy that for centuries has thrived on trade and logistics. With almost 18 million people, the Netherlands ranks highest in the world of connectivity and integration of digital technology.

Home to leading knowledge institutions and internationally renowned corporations in the field of mobility, technology and energy. With its investment climate open to innovation, change and collaboration, the Netherlands are a haven for new economy companies and disrupting start-ups.

The Dutch ‘just do it’. Innovative mobility, sustainability and safety are high on the agenda. As a means to face future challenges in terms of climate change, accessibility of cities, social inclusion and strength of our economy. Global challenges we choose to face with Dutch solutions.

The Netherlands has been investing substantially in mobility solutions for years and will continue to do so in the years to come. Strong commitment to assist in developing innovative mobility solutions is fueled by both an ambition to remain a world leader in ITS and CAD solutions, as well as the awareness that current and future mobility issues need to be addressed through innovative solutions that capitalize on the possibilities of IT in traffic, transport and mobility services.

The Dutch commitment in this field is demonstrated nationally in various investment programs and test projects, but also internationally by for instance the Declaration of Amsterdam 2016 which came about under the Dutch EU presidency in 2016.

Focus of the Dutch Ministry on Smart Mobility


  • Car, truck, vessel, drone...
  • Acceleration and development of preconditions


  • Data, connectivity, platforms...
  • Data availability, standardisation, rights of use, market organisation


  • Sharing/mobility without ownership.
  • Concessions Act, Taxi Act, market development, organisation, collaboration between regions


  • Car, truck, vessel, drone...
  • Driving technolgy, fuel transitions, precondtiions

Unique Selling Points 1-5

1. One of the most densely populated countries in the world.

2. Strong in logistics and trade.

3. Home to leading knowledge institutions and reputable internationally renowned companies.

4. Best digital infrastructure in the world.

5. Mobility, sustainability and safety are high on the governments’ agenda.

Unique Selling Points 6-10

6. Committed to making cities more attractive and better accessible.

7. Unique testing ground for innovative mobility solutions.

8. Nationwide introduction of Talking Traffic services.

9. Leading the way in mobility innovations (innovation as part of its DNA)

10. High value for automotive sector