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sep 21

Intelligent Rail Summit 2021

2.38 (1stemmen)
21-sep-21 09:00 23-sep-21 13:30 (W. Europe Daylight Time)
Euskalduna Bilbao, Spanje

Asset management, WTMS & monitoring in rail infrastructure 

Floods and extreme warm summers have shown that the railway infrastructure and rolling stock are very vulnerable to unexpected changes. Also the expected increase of train traffic forces the railway sector to ‘predict the unpredictable’. At the same time, there are sustainability goals that have to be met. 

What are the next steps in asset management, Wayside Monitoring Systems and monitoring of rail infrastructure? This question will be answered during the Intelligent Rail Summit that will take place on 21, 22 and 23 September in Euskalduna the center of Bilbao. Join us!

See attachment for the full programme.

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