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jan 26

Achieving policy objectives through efficient urban traffic management

26-jan-22 16:00 17:00 (W. Europe Standard Time)

Modern traffic management technology is making good on its promise to aid city transport managers to ease congestion, respond to incidents and make better decisions on utilising road infrastructure – but it’s potential in helping cities reach wider policy objectives has only just begun to be realised.

Cities around the world are under more pressure than ever to become more sustainable, as well as ensure that urban space is being used effectively, while those without Vision Zero strategies to reduce and eventually eliminate road accidents are already a step being their peers.

With these policy objectives in place in all of the world’s major cities, and time running out for city authorities to act and find solutions, join our panel of experts for this webinar as they explore and assess:

  • The roadmap for traffic management technology over the last five years and the next five, encompassing the benefits of better-connected traffic management networks and associated AI-enabled IoT technologies
  • The role of modern traffic management in reducing carbon emissions
  • How city managers can make better decisions about the use of infrastructure using traffic management data
  • The road to Vision Zero in cities and how traffic management technology is helping
  • The importance of data management and analysis in both solving policy challenges now and establishing new objectives for the future

Key learnings:

  • Why now is the time for city and transport authorities to upgrade traffic management systems
  • The importance of having un-siloed traffic data management and analysis
  • How to create a traffic management system that can contribute to solving city challenges outside of transportation

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