This website is meant as a practical guide for anyone interested to know more about Dutch Mobility Innovations. It provides an extensive overview of current projects and programs, public and private partners active in this field, government policy, examples of concrete innovative solutions and other relevant topics relating to Dutch Mobility Innovations.

In addition to background information, useful links and contacts, interested professionals in the field of innovative mobility will not only be able to learn more about developments in the Netherlands but also to find networking opportunities to connect across countries, technologies and industry sectors. 

Topics covered on this website include ITS (Intelligent Transport Services) and CAD  (Connected and Automated Driving), smart logistics, cycling, Truck Platooning, Talking Traffic, Parking data, hyperloop, drones and many, many more... You can add your company or solution by filling ou the online form.

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  • Connectivity & Data

    Connectivity & Data  

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  • Drone


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  • Human Behavior

    Human Behavior  

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  • Hyperloop


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  • Inland Shipping

    Inland Shipping  

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  • Private Transport

    Private Transport  

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  • Public Transport

    Public Transport  

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  • Rail Transport

    Rail Transport  

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  • Road Transport

    Road Transport  

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  • Smart Cities

    Smart Cities  

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  • Zero Emission

    Zero Emission  

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  • Roadmap Automotive 2018-2025

    Roadmap Automotive 2018-2025

    08-mrt-18 09:00 ⋅  0

    This roadmap concerns R&D in the Netherlands in the area of smart & green mobility and is an update of the roadmap of June 2015. Strong cooperation between industry, knowledge institutes and government in the automotive field as well as coopera...

    door: Paul Swaak
  • Primeur: Rotterdamse transporteur koopt eerste Tesla-vrachtwagen

    Primeur: Rotterdamse transporteur koopt eerste Tesla-vrachtwagen

    29-nov-17 16:37 ⋅  0

    Kwijlende vrachtwagenfans kunnen ze verwachten bij het Rotterdamse Breytner. De transporteur heeft een flinke primeur gescoord in truckland: de aanschaf van de allereerste eerste vrachtwagen van het fameuze merk Tesla. Het Amerikaanse merk werd beroemd...

    door: Paul Swaak

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